Feeroozeh Saghafi, Crossfit Athlete
“I have been extra achy, extra uncomfortable when I sleep because of a tired body and mind, and extra tired because I haven’t been able to get FULL deep sleep. This is when I know it’s time to use Curatio as my go-to recovery tool to help my body naturally relax, fight ongoing inflammation, and help me stay in REM cycles for longer periods throughout the night. When I do take Curatios products at night before bed, I’ll sleep a full 8-9 hours, and when I wake, I am instantly popping right out of bed, whereas before, I would hit the snooze alarm, I would take my time, and it would just be difficult to get going.” 
Justin Reidelbach, Crossfit Athlete
“I use Curatios products on super tough training days to help my body recover faster…I use it first thing in the morning, and the evening after training to help muscles recover and assist in a better night’s sleep. I also love to use their products for sleep. I don’t take it every single night, but if I had a rough day or at the end of the week a rough week of training, it helps me get a full night’s rest.” 
Hannah Hardy, Crossfit Athlete
“I can actually tell the difference between Curatio and other products. I also like its water-soluble capability, so I can add it to a cup of water in the morning if I’m in the mood for lemon water. I feel more recovered after tough training days when taking it. In addition, it helps me concentrate on schoolwork, and I find myself to be more productive. The topicals reduce pain and inflammation almost on the spot in painful areas, especially for muscles and joints that have been problematic in the past.” 
Graerme Burress, Professional Wakeboarding
“Throughout my ten years of Professional Wakeboarding, I’ve dealt with my fair share of injuries and soreness. Including CBD into my daily routine has been a game-changer for me. Curatio’s Nano Drops and Roll-On have been perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle.”